Arash Hashemi

Cincinnati, OH

“Hey there, I’m Arash! I lead an Instagram community (@ShredHappens) where I document my weight loss journey from couch (320 lbs) to Ironman.”

About Arash: Arash is a fearless and determined individual ready to conquer anything life throws at him. He is motivated by trying to be the best version of himself and demonstrating that he can continue to raise the stakes and do things with his body he never thought possible when he was over 320 pounds. He wants to demonstrate to his friends, family, and ShredHappens community they too can have a better, healthier, more athletic vision for themselves. He believes that with perseverance and commitment, anyone can cross the finish line. He loves the Pig because of the sense of community. He doesn’t view this as a race but as an institution of the city of Cincinnati. Seeing people from all over the country (and world) come to Cincinnati to participate in this event makes him so proud to call Cincinnati home. His goal as an ambassador is to demonstrate that running is fun, running is a team sport, and that people are there to support you each and every step of the way regardless of your current athletic level. Lets hit the road!

2020 Flying Pig Event: Full Marathon

What is your favorite post race meal? I’m a brunch guy, so a stack of pancakes is always a good treat.

What is your favorite thing to do in Cincinnati? My wife & I love exploring new places to hike, eat, and relax with our dogs.

Keep an eye out for Arash at these other races: IRONMAN 70.3, Las Vegas Marathon, Hudepohl 14K, Queen Bee Half Marathon, Bockfest 5K.