Bryan Comora

Highland Heights, KY

University of Kentucky graduate (I bleed blue!), Coach at Orangetheory Fitness Newport, I love everything health & fitness, and you can find me outside the local ice cream shop.”

About Bryan: You can describe Bryan in three words. Passionate, tenacious, and selfless. Bryan coaches at Orangetheory Fitness, which allows him to connect to runners in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. The Flying Pig Half Marathon was his first half marathon and made him realize how much mental and physical toughness goes into a race. Also, his life goal was achieved when he stepped over the finish to complete the half marathon. He believes the ability to run/walk should never be taken for granted. He always tells his clients, “We don’t HAVE to run, we GET to run.” One of Bryan’s favorite parts of Pig weekend is seeing all the people lined up during the race. The Flying Pig Marathon brings the whole city together as one.

Flying Pig Race in 2019: Half Marathon

Do you have any pets? 2 cats named Piper and Dory

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? Believe in yourself and believe in your preparation and abilities! It’s all about your mindset. If you believe you can do it then you will!