Caitlin Keen

Fort Worth, TX

“When I was a little girl the Flying Pig Marathon was the first marathon I ever watched. Standing on Erie Avenue I had a dream of winning this race, throwing my hands in the air, and saying that I had accomplished something  others had told me I couldn’t. Today I can proudly say I am a Flying Pig Marathon champion but more importantly I am an ambassador for this  amazing race.

Running The Pig is about more than just running.  It’s about community, sportsmanship, and having fun along the way. I am a Pig Ambassador because I want to spread the joy and gratitude I have towards this race to the running community. This will not just be any other race that you chose to run, this will be an experience you will never forget.

 My mission is to encourage as many people as I can come with me to experience the Flying Pig. Together we can all experience the race of a lifetime!”

About Caitlin: Caitlin is very involved in her local running community in Texas, where she volunteers at a Division I University as the assistant cross country coach.  She started an all-female elite team in Fort Worth called Cowtown Elite. She is motivated by her family and their constant support of her goals throughout her life. The 2018 Pig Weekend was the most memorable and happy moment in her life, so she can’t wait for 2019 to experience it again!

Flying Pig Race in 2019: Marathon