Caroline Keating

Cincinnati, OH

Retired collegiate swimmer turned marathoner. A native to Cincy, I love nothing more than a long run around the city with my friends.”

About Caroline: Caroline is driven by her competitive personality and her Dad, who got her into running marathons 10 years ago. She remembers watching him train for marathons as a child and always knowing she wanted to follow in his footsteps someday. Running has gained her friendships and confidences that she is forever grateful for. The Pig itself is special to her because it is her hometown race, which holds a special place in her heart. Caroline often describes it as Christmas morning! Her hometown crowd, the incredible fan support, and the energy gave the final boost she needed to qualify for Boston in 2017.

Caroline ran Boston in 2018 through a charity and raised over $10K through social media. Read the full story here. Caroline’s ultimate goal as an ambassador is to get more people from around the country to come and experience Pig weekend.

Race in 2019: Marathon and Little Kings Mile

Do you have a special race day ritual? I wear shoe tags with my Dad’s initials

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? Embrace the race. People say it is a tough course, but guess what, you are tough! Cincy has the best support and your fans are waiting for you at the top of the hills, at mile 20 and when you cross the finish swine!

Keep an eye out for Caroline at these other races: Queen Bee, Hudy 14K, Columbus Half, Indy Half, California International, Heart Mini Half