Erica Moore

Lexington, KY

About Erica: Three words to describe Erica are funny, inspiring, energetic. She is a ball full of energy on and off the running courses. She runs with Bluegrass Trail Runners and the Bluegrass Runner Club. She also used to live in the Windy City, aka Chicago. She is motivated by the endorphins and the great feeling after running. Erica is built for endurance, so long runs are her jam. Her goal as an ambassador is simply to make a LOT of new friends and help to sign people up for the greatest weekend ever!

Flying Pig Race in 2019: 4 – Way Challenge

What is your favorite song to listen to while working out? Purple Lamborghini by Skrillrx & Rick Ross

What is your favorite race distance? 50K

Keep an eye out for Erica at these other races: Transrockies Run, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Columbus Marathon, Redbird Crest 100K, Run Amok 50K, Mercedes Marathon