Flying Pig Marathon Course Tour

By Brian Nash

This edition of the Flying Pig course tour is dedicated to our Flying Pig Streakers. Our hometown race is honored to have over 100 marathoners who will be toeing the Flying Pig starting line for the 15th consecutive year. We are humbled by their loyalty to the race and inspired by their dedication to health and fitness. Make it a goal this year to meet one or more of our Streakers, the true stars of our race.

This course tour was originally written to be read prior to race day so that folks unfamiliar with Cincinnati could have some idea what strategy they might use for the different parts of the course. Since the first edition of the tour I am now aware that many out of town guests use the tour as an aid in driving the course prior to race day to become familiar with the landmarks of the course. If you are planning to use this tour as a driving aid, I have included three footnotes at the end that you should read before heading out, particularly during race weekend.

I think that the Flying Pig course can be divided into seven sections, 1) The Downtown and Kentucky Bridge Loop 2) The Climb 3) The Near Neighborhoods 4) The East Neighborhoods 5) The Connector 6) Old Eastern Avenue 7) The Home Stretch

Welcome to Cincinnati and the Flying Pig. We hope that you have a great time with the race and all that goes along with it.