Hyde Park East

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Hyde Park East is Mile 12 – 13+ of the full marathon course. Marathoners will circle back into this end of Hyde Park from approximately 7:30 am – 10:15 am. The course winds back around for a brief visit to the Oakley neighborhood, and two right turns bring them to Erie Avenue. It is the intersection of Erie Avenue and Marburg, that give spectators a good spot to bid the runners and walkers a “have a good second half” as they will soon approach the halfway point. After turning left onto Erie the course follows an approximate one mile descent that starts very gently and becomes steeper passing Hyde Park Country Club. This long downhill allow the marathoners make up a bit of the time lost in the climb up Eden Park. Leaving Hyde Park East, the course climbs again for about half a mile as it continues to roll eastward toward the Red Bank Road overpass.

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