Jen Coronel

Mason, OH

“A marathon runner aiming to complete the 6 World Marathon Majors.”

About Jen: Jen has been running the Flying Pig Half Marathon yearly since 2012. She is a positive and driven person, who belongs within the Club of Greater Cincinnati. Jen runs for people who can’t run and she wants to inspire people to dream big. Especially other people around her age! Jen is currently working on completing the 6 World Marathon Majors. She did NYC in 2016, Chicago last year, and is doing Berlin this year. She knows Boston is on the list at some point and can’t wait to prepare herself for that challenge.

Flying Pig Race in 2019: Half Marathon

Do you have a special race day ritual? I love carbs but night before the race, I protein-load (as supposed to carb-load). Then, I get my race gear ready laid out – shirt, shorts, socks, nutrition, etc. PLUS my compression socks. I never run with it. I set my alarm 2-3 hours before I need to leave the house – because I’m too slow in the morning.  On race day, first thing I do when I wake up is to drink my water/electrolytes. I don’t normally eat breakfast but on race day, I know I have to. I eat rice and chicken. I don’t drink coffee, I take my caffeine from gels and chews. After breakfast, bathroom and get all my gear and stuff ready, i.e, anti-chaffing gel before putting on my shorts, triglide before putting on my socks, etc.   Once I get everything on and ready to go, for some reason, there would be a need to go bathroom again. So I’d take everything off … and do it over again!

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? 1. Train (and take your training seriously). Respect the distance and the course ain’t easy. If Boston has the heartbreak hill, Flying Pig have Mt. Adams. 2. Expect to lose toenails. If you haven’t lost toenails while training, you probably will on race day. 3. Write your name on your shirt. The crowd will cheer you on! 4. Speaking of crowd, Cincinnati’s crowd is one of the best! It’s really the biggest block party! No need to put on earphones/music on cause the crowd will support you all the way! 5. Have fun! Enjoy every mile. Training is the hardest part. Race day is when we get rewarded for the job well done.
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