Jen Loving

Batavia, OH

About Jen: “I am a mom of three who finds inspiration from each of my kids who have a chronic illness. I love pushing myself and also encouraging others to reach their goals!”

What motivates you to run/walk? All three of my kids have a chronic illness. They deal with so much on a daily basis. If they can live and thrive with their daily struggles I can pound pavement for 13.1 miles!

How are you involved with the local running community? I am the training program coordinator for Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati

What is your favorite race distance? Half Marathon

What is your favorite song to listen to while working out? Anything by Beastie Boys!!

What is your favorite post race meal? Big Juicy hamburger!

Do you have a special race day ritual? I eat 3 graham crackers with all natural peanut butter in the car on the way to the race

Any advice for future Queen Bee participants? Have fun and smile for all the cameras!