Lauren Bitter

Newport, KY

“I am a returning ambassador with a passion for adventure- a special education teacher by day who loves to explore Cincinnati by night. I’m also a collector of Flying Pigs of course!”

About Lauren: Lauren is outgoing, persistent, and a crazy lover of all things Pig! She is in a local running group and also coaches Girl on the Run at the school where she works. She believes that walking is a stress reliever and great for anybody to participant in. Her goal as a Pig Ambassador is to show EVERYONE that they can be a participant in the Flying Pig events. Read Lauren’s story below…

“The Pig changed my life! I was a couch potato and non-exerciser until I decided to run my first half marathon-The Flying Pig. I joined a running group in January of 2016 and what became a “one and done” bucket list item, became something that I could not live without. I have participated in a Flying Pig event every year since, plus a variety of other races, taking me as far as Long Beach, California. After completing my first full marathon ever (The Flying Pig of course) last May, I even got a flying pig tattoo. Running in general, but especially in association with the fun and quirky Flying Pig events, has made me healthier, both physically and mentally. The Flying Pig really signifies a huge lifestyle transformation for me in a way that has made me much happier. So when I say the Pig changed my life, it’s not an exaggeration. I would not be the person I am today, which is someone who is 30 pounds lighter and now with a normal blood pressure, without The Flying Pig Marathon.”

2020 Flying Pig Event : 3-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese (50 West Mile, 5K, 10K, Half)

What is your favorite song to listen to while working out? Juice by Lizzo

What is your favorite post race meal? Cheese Coneys or Pizza! 

Keep an eye out for Lauren at these other races: Beer series, Queen Bee Half Marathon, and Bourbon Chase