Molly McCafferty and Meriden McGraw

Norwood, OH

About Molly and Meriden: “We’re Molly and Meriden and run we CincyStateofBeing, an online publication that investigates, connects, and amplifies health and wellness in Cincinnati. Our mantra is balance.”

What motivates you to run/walk? We walk, run, and move to stay healthy both mentally and physically. For us, running is also social. We believe that friends who sweat together, stick together!

What is your favorite race distance? 5k all the way

What is your favorite song to listen to while working out? Robyn Dancing on Our Own

What is your favorite post race meal? A huge breakfast- egg scramble with all the veggies and goetta for Mol, bacon for Mer.

Do you have any pets? Molly has a pup named Holly and Mer is attempting to convince her hubs to get a dog.

Any advice for future Queen Bee participants? Have fun, and practice on hilly routes.