Mollie the Hound Doggie

Cincinnati, OH

Mollie is a hound mix who was adopted from Brown County Humane Society in August of 2016. She loves walking, running, hiking, jumping, balancing on stuff and sniffing around Cincinnati, and loves to pose for pictures to show the world her beautiful hometown.”

About Mollie: Mollie the Hound Dog is a special four-legged ambassador who has participated in the Flying Fur for the last two years. Mollie can be described as motivated, attentive, and focus; however, that also describes her staring at a treat. Not only does Mollie participate, but she is also a spectator at Mile 15. When Mollie’s owners first brought her home, she was scared of everything and they couldn’t bring her into public settings. After a lot of work, Mollie made a public day view at the 2017 Flying Fur, which will forever be a cherished memory. 

2020 Flying Pig Event: Flying Fur

What is your favorite post race meal? I’m happy enough with a big bowl of chunks, but on really special days I LOVE when my pawrents get me a small vanilla ice cream cone!!!

Do you have a special race day ritual? Not really, I just stretch out like normal (some downward dog yoga poses, etc) and I’m ready to run!

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? The Flying Fur is a great opportunity to get out and have some fun with your dog. It is a 2 mile run/walk, so you don’t need to be a marathoner to participate. Just make sure your dog is able to walk 2 miles, and comfortable around other dogs. The atmosphere of Flying Pig weekend is unbelievably positive and exciting- if you sign up for the Flying Fur you’ll be happy you and your pup got to participate in the festivities!