Montana Ross

Riverview, FL

I started running in 2014 and fell in love with it! Running changed my life for the better.”

About Montana: Montana is setting out on a goal to complete her first ever Flying Pig Marathon event in 2019! Montana is a passionate, friendly, and outgoing individual, who loves to attend and host group runs all across the Tampa Bay Area. She is excited to participate in the Pig because she has always heard such great things about the event and it is next on her bucket list to check off. Running changed Montana’s life and gave her confidence, more ambition, and improved her outlook on life. She stays motivated by constantly having a race on the calendar and never having a shortage of races to run. Follow Montana’s journey to the Pig through her blog and her social media channels.

Race in 2019: 4-Way Challenge (5K, 10K, Full)

What is your favorite race distance? Half marathon, but the full is quickly becoming a contender

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? Do one of the challenges. Not only will it tell you so much about yourself and your resilience but it will change your life! They are so much fun!!
Keep an eye out for Montana at these other races: Wine n Dine 2 Course Challenge, Space Coast Marathon, Rock n Roll NOLA 1/2 Marathon, various smaller 5k and 10k events