Nathan Garbig

Covington, KY

“Hey, I’m Nathan, and I’m thrilled to be a 2019 Flying Pig Ambassador! Although the Greater Cincinnati Area has always been home, I find myself falling in love with The Queen City more and more each day because of events like this one. When I’m not training for a marathon, I enjoy traveling, hiking, working out, eating tacos, hanging out with friends, going to concerts, or dancing like there’s no tomorrow!”

About Nathan: For Nathan, the Flying Pig is all about pushing him to be a better person by accomplishing his dreams. The Flying Pig was his first big race and has inspired him to push for Boston. 2019 is the year for Boston Qualification he says, and he hit the ground running to accomplish this goal! Nathan began running in college as a way to keep his stress levels down. Running allowed him away to clear his head and refocus on the important things. His goal as a 2019 Flying Pig Ambassador is to bring awareness to the overall health benefits of running. Nathan absolutely LOVES the Flying Pig, and it has changed his life for the better over the past few years.

Flying Pig Race in 2019: Marathon

What is your favorite post race meal? Tacos paired with a spicy margarita

Do you have any advice for future Flying Pig participants? No matter how much it hurts, try to smile as you run your event. I find that it tricks my mind into thinking I’m actually enjoying the run and pain. Plus—you might catch a smile with someone on the side of the course; those moments are the best encouragement and tell me to keep pushing!