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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2001

Suzanne Deatherage
(606) 781-8731
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CINCINNATI, OH - Clif Bar Inc., one of the top energy bar companies in the country, has signed on as a sponsor of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon for the next two years. As the Marathon's first national sponsor, Clif Bar enhances the Cincinnati Marathon's already increasing national presence in the running industry.

Clif Bar holds a significant market share and has been recording annual sales growth that outpaces the energy bar industry as a whole. Participants of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon will see Clif SHOT(tm) along the course near Mile 18 on May 6, 2001. Convenient and easy-to-digest, Clif SHOT(tm) is the ideal source of energy for endurance athletes. Clif Bar Inc.'s climb into the top spot in natural foods has been propelled by the sterling sales growth of the Clif Bar(r), the all-natural energy bar providing nutrition for sustained energy. Cincinnati Marathon participants will benefit from these bars at the finish line at Yeatman's Cove in downtown Cincinnati.

"Our company was founded on the principle that nutritious, energizing food made with natural ingredients can also taste great," said Gary Erickson, Clif Bar Inc. co-founder and CEO.

Clif Bar Inc. Midwest Field Marketing Representative Joel Feinberg noted that the company is "thrilled to be associated with the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon by providing more than $30,000 in goods and services per year. It's a perfect match for our product since runners of all levels will be participating in the contest."

Clif Bar will bring a familiar face to the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon - Khalid Khannouchi, the marathon world record holder, who lent his expertise at the Marathon's Health & Fitness Expo last year. It's a natural fit to have Clif Bar, named to the Inc. 500, Inc. magazine's annual list of the nation's fastest growing companies four straight years in a row, bring the world's fastest marathoner to the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon for appearance and educational purposes.

"The Marathon is honored to have Clif Bar on board. They are an invaluable asset, supplying their best-selling product on course, giving our participants the opportunity to personally learn from Khalid Khannouchi, and coordinating the pacing teams element of our Marathon," explained Scott Maier, Marathon executive director. "It's a partnership the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is proud to be a part."

Started by Runner's World, the running industry's most well-known and distributed publication, pacing teams came about to help people better pace themselves from marathon start to finish. The Clif Bar Pacing Teams will help both seasoned and novice runners with their marathon experience. Clif Bar Inc. will develop, coordinate and lead the Pacing Teams, a significant commitment of time and expertise. Pacers will each wear a band on their wrist to track a pre-determined pace. Flying Pig Marathon participants will choose a Pacing Team member to follow based on that pace. Marathon participants will have the chance to sign up for their chosen pace at the Northwood University Health & Fitness Expo on May 4 & 5, 2001.

"Running a marathon is a challenge - actually going the distance. A person who goes out too fast will most likely suffer in the end," explained Bob Roncker, owner of Bob Roncker's Running Spot in Cincinnati. "Having someone there alongside of you running at a certain pace keeps the runner from starting out too fast and not having it in them at the finish."

Registration numbers for the 2001 race are well above last year's numbers at this time. With more than 4000 participants signed up, 39 states and 4 countries represented and interest in applications not waning, the Marathon is on pace to meet its goal of 7500 runners.

The running of the 3rd Annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon starts and ends in Downtown Cincinnati and will take place on Sunday, May 6, 2001. For further information on the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, contact (513) 721-PIGS (7447) or visit