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CINCINNATI, OH The City of Cincinnati City Traffic Engineering Department has supplied the following information to the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

Cincinnati, OH On May 6, 2001, beginning at 6:00 AM and continuing until approximately 1:00 PM various city streets will be closed or have traffic restrictions to allow for the 2001 Flying Pig Marathon. The course will be open to traffic as the race proceeds and the runners are clear.

The race will begin at 6:25 AM and continue through various parts of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Generally traffic will be permitted in the opposite direction of the course. Crossing the course will be permitted with the assistance of a police office or a race volunteer.

To allow for the staging and start of the race, the following streets will be closed from 4:00 AM until approximately 8:00 AM on Sunday, May 6, 2001.

  • Aeventh Street between Plum Street and Race Street
  • Elm Street between Sixth Street and Eight Street
The following streets are affected and alternate routes or crossing points are suggested (in parentheses)
  • Seventh Street - Plum St. and Broadway
  • Braodway - Seventh Street and Third Street
  • Third Street - Broadway to Gest/Linn Streets (use Broadway or cross at Central Avenue)
  • Linn Street - Gest/Third Streeets to Liberty Street (use Freeman Avenue/Winchell Avenue/Western Avenue - cross at Eighth Street or Ezzard Charles Dr.)
  • Liberty Street - Linn Street to Central Parkway
  • Central Parkway - Liberty Street to Reading Rd.
  • Reading Rd - Central Parkway to Elsinore (cross at Liberty to I-471)
  • Elsinore Avenue - Reading Rd. to Gilbert Avenue (closed)
  • Gilbert Avenue - Elsinore Avenue to Eden Park Dr. (use Reading Rd.)
  • Eden Park Drive - Gilbert Avenue to Victory Parkway (use Reading Rd./Gilbert Avenue)
  • Victory Parkway - Eden Park Drive to McMillan Avenue (use Kemper)
  • McMillan Avenue to Victory Parkway to Woodburn Avenue (use Victory Parkway/Madison Rd.)
  • Woodburn Avenue - McMillan Avenue to Madison Rd. (use Victory Parkway/Madison Rd. - cross Taft Rd.)
  • Madison Rd. - Woodburn Avenue to Erie Avenue (use Montgomery Rd. - cross at Grandin Rd., Torrence Parkway or Observatory Avenue)
  • Erie Avenue - Madison Rd. to Delta Avenue (use Wasson Rd. - cross at Edwards Rd., Shaw or Paxton Avenue)
  • Delta Avenue - Erie Avenue to Eastern Avenue (use Herschell Avenue and Linwood Avenue - cross at Observatory Avenue, Linwood Avenue or Columbia Parkway)
  • Eastern Avenue - Delta Avenue to Eggleston Avenue (use Columbia Parkway)
  • Eggleston Avenue to Pete Rose Way/Eastern Avenue to Central Parkway
  • Central Parkway - Eggleston Avenue to Marshall Avenue (Northbound open - Southbound use Spring Grove Avenue or McMicken)
  • Western Hills Viaduct - Upper Deck/Eastbound (closed - follow detour to North I-75)
  • Marshall Avenue - Central Parkway to Massachusetts Avenue
  • Massachusetts Avenue - Marshall Avenue to Heywood Avenue (closed)
  • Heywood Avenue - Massachusetts to Colerain Avenue (closed)
  • Colerain Avenue - Marshall Avenue to Alfred Avenue (closed)
  • Alfred Avenue - Colerain Avenue to Spring Grove Avenue - (closed)
  • Spring Grove Avenue - Alfred Avenue to Dalton Avenue/Findlay Street (Southbound open, Northbound use Linn Street to Central Avenue to Brighton Overpass)
  • Dalton Avenue - Spring Grove Avenue/Findlay Street to Guest St. (Southbound open, Northbound use Linn Street to Central Avenue to Brighton Overpass)
  • Gest Street - Dalton Avenue to Third Street (use Linn Street)
  • Third Street - Gest Street to Clay Wade Bailey Bridge (closed)

The race proceeds into Kentucky on the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and returns to Cincinnati Northbound on the Taylor Southgate Bridge.

The remainder of the course is as follows:

  • Pete Rose Way - Taylor Southgate Bridge to Old Broadway (closed)
  • Old Broadway - Pete Rose Way to Mehring Way (closed)
  • Mehring - Broadway to the Public Landing Entrance (closed)

Click here for a map of the course.
Click here for a detailed copy description of the course.

Metro will maintain bus service although some delays should be expected.

The running of the 3rd Annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon starts and ends in Downtown Cincinnati and will take place on Sunday, May 6, 2001. For further information on the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, contact (513) 721-PIGS (7447) or visit