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CINCINNATI, OH - The level of enthusiasm at the 2nd Annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon was electric on May 14, 2000. Nearly 6200 participants, 3000 volunteers and thousands of spectators jam-packed the start and finish lines and along the Marathon course throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Mother Nature provided nearly perfect running conditions for racers, with temperatures in the mid-forties at the start of the race.

"Race day is an incredible spectacle of people, excitement and a pulse in the air that is contagious," said Kelly Weissmann, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Executive Director. "It's an exciting day for everyone - runners, their families and friends, all of the volunteers and sponsors, as well as the Greater Cincinnati area. I believe it's been another win-win for everyone."

The numbers speak for themselves:

  2000 Race 1999 Race
  • Registered Racers (Marathon & Relay)
  • 6167/nearly 6200 nearly 6200
  • Registered Racer Place of Origin (Marathon & Relay)
  • 46 states/4 countries 48 states/11 countries
  • Local vs. Out of Town Travelers (Racers Only)
  • 63%L/37%OOT 60%L/40%OOT
  • Men vs. Women Participants (Racers Only)
  • 60%M/40%F 60%M/40%F
  • Attendance at Kroger Health & Fitness Expo
  • 10-12,000 8-10,000
  • Attendance at MIX 94.1 Victory Party
  • 20-25,000 10-12,000
  • Race Day Hits on
  • 39,984 20,000
  • Race Day Visitors on
  • 7,480 3,800
  • Entertainment Spots along Course
  • 34 locations 26 locations
  • Volunteers
  • 3000 3000
  • Money Raised By Charities (directly through the Marathon)
  • $900,000* $600,000*
  • Money Given to Local Charities (from the Marathon)
  • $20,000* $30,000*
  • Piglet Fun Run Participants
  • 723 500

    Quantifying the crowds along the course is not possible, but comments from many of the winners following their finish along with remarks from many other participants notes the spectator support along the course as a big bonus to the Flying Pig Marathon.

    This year's second place finisher in the Men's Open division and top Ohioan was 24-year old Isaac Barnes with a time of 2:31:44. Only his second marathon, Barnes was a newcomer to the Flying Pig Marathon and surprised at his second place finish. "The crowds were just awesome. It also helped having time clocks at all of the miles," commented Barnes.

    Cincinnati native Rebecca Gallaher won the Women's Open Marathon with a women's course record time of 2:49:32, beating last year's winning female time of 2:58:10. This was Gallaher's sixth marathon and cited the course's great crowds and challenging course as factors that made it a great marathon for her.

    Patti Shepard of North Carolina won second place with a time of 3:02:20. Shepard noted that this was her fourth marathon in five months and she was hurting throughout the race. "I was in so much pain but got through (the race) because of the crowds. The course and the crowds were really great," noted Shepard after her finish.

    According to Team in Training participant Bryan Redick from Louisville, Kentucky, "The marathon was a success! Everyone enjoyed the course and the support. I'm sure word of mouth will make the Cincinnati Marathon as strong as the Chicago Marathon! You all are the greatest!"

    No statistical analysis gathered by the Marathon or outside consultants can showcase a compliment as that of runner and third place Men's Open Winner, Scott Colford. Colford has run the very popular and established La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon and noted that there were as many people cheering along the course in Cincinnati as there are in Chicago. "The crowds kept me motivated! I'm not sure how you could make it a better marathon," added Colford.

    Economic Impact

    The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is proud to announce an agreement with the Economics Club of Xavier University to perform an economic impact study of the 2nd Annual Flying Pig Marathon. This study will help better determine the financial benefits of the Marathon to the Greater Cincinnati Area. The Economics Club will be surveying a sample of out of town race participants to gather appropriate statistics on spending that occurred to get to Cincinnati for themselves and any family or friends that came with them, as well as spending while in the area.

    It will take some time to survey the participants, as well as measure the results; thus the study will be forthcoming in the future. Up until this point, the Flying Pig Marathon has relied on the national average economic impact numbers compiled from Runner's World, The Portland Marathon, The NYC Marathon, USA Track and Field and the publication On the Roads ($271/day spent per day per participant).

    Planning for the 3rd running of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, schedule for Sunday, May 6, 2001 (not Mother's Day), is under way. In the coming months, additional information about the 2000 Marathon will be available, as well as opportunities and information about the 2001 Marathon.

    * During the 2nd Annual Marathon, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon concentrated many efforts to directly assist the official charity, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, with a variety of fundraising efforts, including the Charity Athlete. This effort then replaced a direct flat dollar amount, reflected in the "Money Given to Local Charities," but the greater benefit is directly seen in the "Money Raised by Charities" revenue line.

    For further information on the Flying Pig Marathon, contact (513) 721-PIGS (7447).

    If you would like to receive this information by email or would like to receive media credentials for the day of the race, please contact Suzanne Deatherage at or (606) 781-8731.