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CINCINNATI (May 5) -A number of downtown and suburban Cincinnati streets will be closed or have limited access during activities Sunday for the 8th annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. The Cincinnati Police Department has announced the following changes to traffic patterns for Sunday, May 7:

To allow for staging and start of the race, Mehring Way from Central Avenue to Elm Street will be closed beginning at 2:30 a.m.

The following streets will be closed as needed, starting at 5 a.m. The direction closed and limits are in parenthesis. Crossings will be allowed with police or volunteer assistance:

Central Avenue, from Fourth Street to Mehring Way (All)
Mehring Way, from Rose Street to Pete Rose Way East (All)
Pete Rose Way East, from Eggleston to Broadway (All)
Broadway, from Mehring Way to Fourth Street (All)
Eggleston, from Broadway to Central Parkway (All)
Third Street, from Broadway to Linn Street (All)
Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, from Ohio to Kentucky (All)
Taylor Southgate Bridge, from Kentucky to Ohio (All)
Eggleston Avenue, from Pete Rose Way to Third Street (Southbound)
Eggleston Avenue, from Third Street to Broadway (Northbound)
Reading Road, from Sycamore to Elsinore (Outbound, Inbound limited)
Elsinore, from Reading to Gilbert (All)
Gilbert, from Elsinore to Eden Park Drive (All)
Eden Park Drive, from Gilbert to Victory Parkway (All)
Lake Drive, from Eden Park Drive to Eden Park Drive (All)
Victory Parkway, from Eden Park Drive to McMillan Avenue (Outbound)
McMillan Avenue, from Victory Parkway to Woodburn Avenue (All)
Woodburn Avenue, from McMillan to Taft (All)
Woodburn Avenue, from Taft to Madison (Outbound)
Madison, from Woodburn to Erie Avenue (Outbound)
Erie Avenue, from Madison to Paxton Avenue (Outbound)
Paxton, from Erie to Wasson Road (Outbound)
Wasson, from Paxton to Eastern Hills Lane (All)
Wasson, from Eastern Hills Lane to Marburg (Eastbound)
Eastern Hills Lane, from Wasson to terminus (Southbound) (One Westbound lane will be open to access Eastern Hills Lane from Marburg to enter only)
Marburg Road, from Wasson Road to Erie Avenue (Inbound)
Erie Avenue, from Marburg to Bramble (Outbound)
Bramble, from Erie to Settle Avenue (Outbound)
(race then goes through Mariemont and returns on Columbia Parkway)
US 50 Columbia Parkway, right hand inbound lane closed. Westbound ramp is closed to Eastern Avenue
Ramp from Red Bank Road to Westbound Columbia Parkway (Closed)
Eastern Avenue, from US 50 to Stanley Avenue (Inbound)
Stanley Avenue, from Eastern to Kellogg Avenue (Southbound)
Kellogg Avenue, from Stanley to Eastern (Outbound)
Riverside Drive, from Eastern to East Pete Rose Way (Outbound)
East Pete Rose Way, from Riverside to Old Broadway (Outbound)
Old Broadway, from Pete Rose Way to Mehring Way (Northbound)

The half marathon will use the same course for the first nine miles and will turn around at Woodburn Avenue and Madison Road and will use the following streets to return:

Madison Road, from Woodburn to Victory Parkway (Outbound)
Martin Luther King, from Victory Parkway to Gilbert Avenue (Outbound)
Gilbert, from ML King to Eden Park entrance (Outbound)
Central Parkway, from Broadway to Walnut (Westbound)

Both races finish over Mehring Way, proceeding into Yeatman's Cove.

Metro will maintain bus service, although some delays are to be expected.

For more on Marathon day traffic in Cincinnati, go to