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"In memory of a friend, in honor of a teacher, in pursuit of a dream." These are the words that will be printed on the t-shirts that we wear for the marathon. You see, my sister and I are running this together. She is a 38 year old mother of two, and a full time teacher, and I am a 45 year old homeschooling mother of 5. She is training in Indiana, and I am training in Connecticut.

"In memory of a friend" is in honor of a high school student who was killed in a car accident at the beginning of his senior year. He played hard at the game of basketball and had received a scholarship to a nearby college. He was a good friend to many and was always striving to achieve his dream.

"In honor of a teacher" is for Kay Pyles. She was an English teacher at the high school who passed away last summer. She was my sister's dear friend and loved by many. She was involved in many activities and always sought after the goal of making the high school a better place for the students.

Both of these people are dearly missed by the high school and the local community. A scholarship fund has been set up in their names and many who knew them are using this marathon to raise money for that fund.

"In pursuit of a dream" is for a dream that is coming true for two sisters. My sister Amy and I have both done one marathon, and have chosen the Flying Pig as the marathon that we will do together. It is so much fun to be heading for the same goal and to look forward to sharing the same steps on May 2nd. As we email back and forth, she is so encouraging and we challenge each other to keep on the path toward our dream. I could not have asked for a better training partner, and I am looking forward to crossing the finish line with her!

On the other side of those shirts it will read, "We have gone shopping!" This is for our family members who have decided that we are short a few brain cells, but in spite of that, will be there to support us. We are convinced that they would rather be shopping than waiting for us to finish. Without them to support us, and their cheers as we go by, we could never complete this distance - they are the very BEST!

What a great journey this has been, Amy, thanks!

Your sister,
-Connie Krier