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Michael Hauck

My name is Michael Hauck. I'm running the Pig as my first marathon. I am running in memory of a great friend of mine, Andrew Smith. At age 29, Andrew passed away after a five year battle with cancer. Through all of his treatments, he never once saw it as a bad thing happening to him. His cancer started out as bone cancer in his left arm and then progressed to his abdomen. His cancer was a smooth celled cancer which cannot be treated with normal forms of chemo and radiation. Last November, Andrew and I had a conversation about me running in his honor and attempting to raise money for alternative care and treatment research for cancer. I have raised almost $1500 with no support from a team in training program or anything else. Andrew will always be with me; he is the type of person that enjoyed life no matter what was happening.

When Andrew first was treated for his cancer, he met a nurse who later became his wife, Penny. I'm proud to say that in November of last year, Andrew watched his son be born, Evan. Penny and Evan will be part of a big support group helping me finish a goal of mine and help raise a little money for the help of others as Andrew would have liked it.

Thank you,

Michael Hauck