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Jacqueline Garrett

My name is Jacqueline Garrett. I ran the Flying Pig last year. My age is 51. I finished in 3:57:21 minutes, 3rd in my age group.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I went to Sands Elementary School, to Bloom Jr. High, and Cutter Jr. High. I graduated from Robert A. Taft High in 1966. I lived in the west end for half of my life.

This marathon means so much to me mainly because of the route last year. My brother informed me that this year the route has changed. Once he told me, I said 'Cool, that's the same route I used to run every day after work.' I work for AT&T and have now for a little better than 30 years.

I worked on 4th street in the Atrium building until I was transferred in September of 1990 to Atlanta. I was born at 511 Oliver St. in the west end.

That's right down the street from where one of the slaughter houses used to be. Flying Pig, I can really relate.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Garrett