Course Tour

Oakley is Mile 11 – 13+ of the full marathon course. Marathoners will be in the Oakley area from approximately 7:28 am – 10:13 am. Coming out of Hyde Park Square, runners and walkers will turn left onto Paxton as the course winds back toward Wasson Avenue and Hyde Park Plaza area for a brief visit to the Oakley neighborhood. Crowds will gather at the intersection of Paxton and Wasson and line Wasson Avenue as they enjoy the Party Zone’s complimentary refreshments offer here. Volunteers from the Relay Exchange Zone located at Richards Industries on Wasson will be shouting out bib numbers to assist the relay teams with an efficient runner transition. A right turn on Marburg will bring runners back to Erie Avenue and through Hyde Park East. Marathoners will again brush past Oakley on Erie Avenue at Rosslyn Drive. At this point, the runners and walkers will have completed half their marathon. A cause for celebration!

Suggested Viewing Spots

Paxton & Wasson Avenues

Party Zone

Wasson Avenue

Relay Exchange

Erie Avenue at Rosslyn

Course Entertainment

Rocking Ruckus

Stephanie Allaire

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