Course Tour

O’Bryonville is Mile 9 of the full marathon course. Marathoners will be in the O’Bryonville business district from approximately 7:20am – 9:10am. Following Madison into the shopping district of O’Bryonville, participants can look to the right side of the road for Bob Roncker’s Running Spot. The Running Spot is always heavily involved in support of the Flying Pig, including the “Spot On” pace teams and the official training groups. The Spot has been voted by the Independent Running Retailers Association as one of the top stores in the country. It is within this section of the marathon course that organizers and volunteers of the Flying Pig host an official Party Zone with complimentary food, beverages, and entertainment. Friends and family of marathoners as well as neighborhood residents are encouraged to gather at the trio of three streets, Madison/Grandin/Torrence, with parking at Springer School, for refreshments and the opportunity to spot a familiar face.

Suggested Viewing Spots

Business Strip

Party Zone – Complimentary refreshments


Free Parking – Springer School

Race Day Entertainment



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