Pump N’ Run

Event Description

A unique combination of weight lifting and running, offered to all racers no matter what age or gender! Participants will have the exact same running experience as standard registrants, but compete for additional awards! Participants will bench press a percentage of their body weight, based upon an Age and Gender handicap, and earn a 30-second time reduction for each bench press repetition (5K and 10K), or a 2-minute time reduction (Half and Full Marathon). The maximum time reduction will be 15 minutes for the 5K/10K (i.e. 30 reps) and 100 minutes for the half/full Marathon (i.e. 50 reps). The 5K and 10K participants use the same weight lifting formula as other Pump N’ Run’s around the country, but the half and full participants will use a different formula, producing a lighter lift-weight. Many awards are offered, including Fastest Net Run Time (i.e. Actual Run-time less handicap), and personal levels of weight lifting achievement such as Bronze Medal (10 Pump Club), Silver Medal (20 Pump Club) and Gold Medal (30 Pump Club). See www.pumpandrunrace.com, for lift-charts and greater event details.

Pump N’ Run Registration

If you have not already registered for the run, you can simply register with your Flying Pig event, by selecting the Pump N’ Run during the registration process. If you have already registered for your Flying Pig event, and would like to add the Pump N’ Run as an option, then you will have to do a second registration. Register here.

  • Make sure your Pump N’ Run Option selection matches the race you have signed up for  (i.e. 5K Race selects Pump N’ Run 5K, Half Marathon selects Pump N’ Run Half, etc.)

 Pump N’ Run Fee

The fee for the Pump N’ Run is $25 for online registration.

Official Rules

1.) During weigh-in, minimum attire must be Shorts, T-Shirts and Socks. (No matter what the weigh-in is the benching weight will not go below 45Lbs…the weight of the bar used for lifting.)

2.) Rep begins at full arm extension, then bar is lowered down until touches chest, then back to full extension. Arms must “lock-out” at top position

3.) Back and Rear must be flat on bench, and both feet must be flat on ground.

4.) Hands must be inside, or touching, smooth outer rings of Olympic Bar (see attached page)

5.) NO BOUNCING BAR OFF CHEST. Rep will not count if bar bounces off chest.

6.) Motion must be continuous with no rests or pauses at the top and chest positions. A noticeable resting pause will nullify previous rep.

7.) Liability Waiver must be signed, prior to pumping.

2017 Results