Purcell Marian High School

New this year Purcell Marian High School is partnering with the Flying Pig Marathon to have the 12th Annual Cavalier 5K join the rest of the city on May 6, 2017. Supporting Purcell Marian in this event directly helps support the students.

Purcell Marian High School is a Catholic co-ed, comprehensive secondary school located along Cincinnati’s Education Corridor, just minutes from Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati. Established in 1928, Purcell Marian has been recognized for its academic excellence, rigor and professionalism within the context of a uniquely diverse learning environment.   Purcell Marian offers unparalleled opportunities to work alongside students of all abilities and backgrounds. This, coupled with a variety of unique programs — including Intersession which offers annual travel opportunities, collegium credits which earn students college credit beyond the traditional AP offerings, and an enhanced technology environment geared toward personalized education through blended learning — make the Purcell Marian experience an excellent preparation for what students will encounter in college, career and throughout their future lives.

For more information about Purcell Marian High School, visit www.purcellmarian.org.

Join the Purcell Marian community on May 6, 2017 as they run, jog and walk to support current and future students. Contact Sara Schaser at 513.487.3114 or saraschaser@purcellmarian.org to use the school’s discount code for the lowest registration price!