Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Marathon Course
2015 Registration Will Open Soon!
The Flying Pig Marathon Course: 6:30 a.m. start, Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon promises to be a beautiful course which "flies" along the streets of Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport. This race presents a well-balanced, diverse tour of some the best neighborhoods in the area.

This course is a Boston Qualifier.


For your safety and to be in compliance with course re-opening times, we must remind all participants of the 7 hour course limit. ANYONE UNABLE TO MAINTAIN THE 7 HOUR PACE MUST ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING MILE CLOSING MARKS!
  • At the Half Marathon split at Woodburn and Madison roads we suggest that anyone behind the 7 hour pace follow the half marathon course to the finish.
  • At Frisch's at Columbia and Meadowlark Lane anyone not across this point by noon (5 1/2 hours after the start) will not be permitted onto Columbia Parkway. Buses will have to take anyone slower than this time down to Eastern Avenue to complete the course.
  • At approximately MILE 20 near Linwood Avenue at Eastern, at 12:30pm and after, all will be directed onto the sidewalks to finish.
  • At approximately MILE 22 near Delta and Kellogg, at 12:45pm and after, all will be directed onto the sidewalks to finish.
  • At approximately MILE 24 at Collins and Riverside Drive, anyone reaching this point at 1:00pm and after, will be directed onto the sidewalks to finish.
It is our goal to assist every participant in finishing their particular event. We are, however, by order of the police department, required to keep all finishers who cannot maintain the 7-hour finisher pace, on sidewalks. We will have support vehicles that can provide water and Gatorade. We appreciate your compliance with these time restrictions and look forward to seeing you at the finish line!!

Flying Pig Marathon Course

Course Description:
RSO - means use right side only as runners flow around the course.
SS means all southside lanes, etc
ALL means all of street
  • Start west of Elm on Mehring Way - ALL
  • East on Mehring Way - ALL
  • North on Main Street - ALL
  • East on Third Street - ALL
  • South on Broadway - ALL
  • Continue straight onto Taylor-Southgate Bridge into Newport - ALL
  • Go straight onto York into Newport - ALL
  • West on 4th Street - ALL
  • Continue on 4th Street into Covington - ALL
  • North on Clay Wade Bailey Bridge towards Cincinnati - ALL
  • Left on Third Street in Cincinnati - ALL
  • Third Street becomes Linn St. at Gest St. - ALL
  • Continue on Linn Street - ALL
  • Right on 8th Street - ALL
  • Take the 7th Street Exit - ALL
  • Continue on 7th Street - ALL
  • At the end of 7th Street go straight onto the Gilbert Ave. ramp - ALL
  • Continue on Gilbert - ALL
  • Right on Eden Park Drive - ALL
  • Take left fork at Mirror Lake - ALL
  • Follow Eden Park Drive around Mirror Lake - Eden Park Drive makes a right turn at the Gazebo and follows past the Krohn Conservatory - ALL
  • Right on Lakes Dr. into Eden Park Overlook - ALL
  • Right coming out of Lakes Dr. (Eden Park Overlook) back onto Eden Park Drive - ALL
  • Eden Park Drive becomes Victory Parkway as it makes a right turn - RSO
  • Follow Victory Parkway - RSO
  • Right on McMillan - ALL
  • Left on Woodburn - ALL - at William Howard Taft - RSO
  • Right on Madison - RSO
  • Right on Erie - RSO
  • Left on Paxton - RSO
  • Paxton turns right where it dead ends - RSO
  • Quick right on Wasson - ALL
  • Right on Marburg - RSO
  • Left on Erie - RSO
  • Continue on Erie over top of Red Bank Rd. - RSO
  • Right on Bramble - RSO
  • Right on Settle into Mariemont - ALL
  • Left on Murray eastbound on north side of street - ALL
  • Murray continues straight at Plainville - ALL
  • Right on Berwick/West - ALL
  • Left on Thorndike - ALL
  • Right on East Street, Right on Miami - RSO
  • Right on Wooster - (ONE LANE) RSO
  • Right on Madisonville - RSO
  • Madisonville becomes Murray (go straight into it) - ALL
  • Follow south side of Murray - ALL
  • At Murray and Settle angle over to the walk path using the grass for a short distance, Follow the Walk Path to Watterson into Fairfax
  • Left on Watterson - All
  • Right on Elder - ALL
  • Left on Southern - ALL
  • Right on Wooster - RSO (ONE LANE)
  • Wooster becomes Columbia Parkway - RS
  • Proceed on north side of Columbia Parkway - NS - one lane and berm, Take Eastern Ave. Exit - ALL
  • Continue on Eastern Ave. - NS
  • Left on Stanley - WS
  • Right on Kellogg - SS
  • Kellogg becomes Riverside Dr. - SS
  • Riverside Dr. becomes Pete Rose Way at Eggleston - follow Pete Rose Way- SS to Finish at US Bank Arena.