Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Ernst & Young Kids Marathon 26th Mile Event, presented by EY

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 12 noon, 2nd Street & Joe Nuxhall Way

Kids Marathon This is a fantastic opportunity for school aged children to complete full marathon distance, in increments, during the months leading up to The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Kids also learn to make healthy nutrition choices and exercise their brains with reading. It’s all about being smart, eating well and moving more; healthy habits that we hope will stick around for good. In addition, The Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon 26th Mile is a special event on Saturday, May 3, 2014 where these kids can complete the 26th mile of their incremental marathon on the actual Flying Pig Marathon course finish line.

2014 Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon Information Meeting

Thursday January 16th, 2014
Morning Session 8:30-9:30am OR Afternoon Session 4-5pm
Flying Pig Marathon Offices • 644 Linn Street • Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
3rd Floor Conference Room
Please RSVP by January 15th indicate morning or afternoon session
513-721-PIGS (7447)


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the FPKM program:

Should my child do the Kids Marathon 26th Mile or the Flying Piglet Fun Run?

The Kids Marathon 26th Mile is designed to be for those groups or families who have been using their Hog Log to tally full marthon distance over the course fo the months leading up to May 4th, when they complete the last of their 26.2 mile challenge on the marathon course. It is NOT designed to be a one-mile, one-time race. For those kids who are interested in a one-time fun run, we suggest the Flying Piglet Fun Run, which has age appropriate distances from the diaper-dashing crawlers, to a 250 yd dash for 8-9 year olds. For more info on the Flying Piglet Fun Run details click here.

What do we do with this Hog Log?

The Hog Log is basically your Kids’ Marathon user’s manual. It includes some very important pages. First, read the Welcome page to learn what this is all about. Then unfold it to read about the Nutrition Tips for healthy eating. The Hog Log Mileage page is where you will tally both your marathon miles and check off whenever a nutrition and reading challenge is met for that day. On the back is a kid-friendly Flying Pig Marathon Course Map so that your child can fill in the miles and “virtually” be on the real marathon course. Finally, the Entry Form page is for your child to register to complete his/her 26th marathon mile in a special Kids’ Marathon 26th Mile on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Cincinnati’s riverfront on the actual Flying Pig Marathon course “Finish Swine.” The $10 registration for this optional event covers a marathon t-shirt, finisher’s medal, and goodies at the finish.

Where should we do our miles?

Many school groups do the FPKM program as part of the school day using recess, PE time and before/after school hours to log miles. In addition, many families do the FPKM program as a family fitness project and log miles together on their own time. That is fantastic! In those cases, it is up to the parents to determine the most appropriate distance, speed, and training for their children. It is up to the discretion and judgment of the parents whether their child is ready to make the commitment to log the first 25 miles in the weeks and months leading up to the FPKM 26th Mile event. Use the Flying Pig Marathon course map as a “virtual” tour of the actual marathon course. No need to do your miles on those roads, just color or highlight them as you progress in miles toward the “finish swine.”

What do we do with the Hog Log Mileage page?

Keep it posted in a very visible place at home to encourage constant reminders to be smart, eat well and move more. When all the miles are filled in and you’ve tackled the nutrition and reading challenges, bring it to school so we can keep track of how well your group did. We’d love to see ALL the nutrition and reading challenges met EVERYDAY, but we will be pleased with any healthy choices made! It’s all about forming healthy habits for life. You can also bring your Hog Log when picking up your registration for the Final Mile event.

Do we have to do the Final Mile event on Saturday, May 3, 2014?

No, attendance on Saturday, May 3, 2014 is not required to be a Flying Pig Kids’ Marathoner. If you cannot attend Saturday, May 3, 2014 or choose to complete the marathon final mile elsewhere but would like to receive a Pig shirt and medal, you can still register for the event, pay the $10, and get the t-shirt and medal as reward for completing the marathon. Just be sure to fill out the entry form and turn it in to your school (if they are collecting them) or mail directly to the Flying Pig Marathon address on the entry form or online. Registration packet pickup will be at The Duke Energy Center on Friday, May 2, 2014, or Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Great American Ball Park Reds Hall of Fame before the event.

Is there an age limit?

The FPKM is designed for elementary school children in kindergarten through 6th grade (ages 5-12). Children younger than 5 years old may be better suited for the Flying Piglet events which are shorter dashes in the grass at Yeatman’s Cove on Saturday, May 3, 2014 as part of the Flying Pig Family Funfest. Middle school students can also participate by logging miles and following the nutrition and reading tips and may even find themselves tallying miles beyond marathon distance. These older children may be ready to participate in the Flying Pig 5k or 10k events (also on Saturday, May 3, 2014) for their final marathon miles – a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Can parents or teachers run the Kids’ Marathon Final Mile event with the children?

We ask that anyone participating in an official Flying Pig Marathon weekend race event be registered for that event. That way they are fully entitled to shirts, medals, refreshments on the course and at the finish, and all the goodies that each participant gets. Registration also provides both the participant and the Flying Pig Marathon with the proper documentaion and contact information should an emergency arise. We are working very hard to ensure that the Kids’ Marathon 26th Mile event is safe, fun, and secure for the kids who have worked so hard to get to that 26th marathon mile. The starting line, “finish swine,” and the 26th Mile course are being designed to make it as smooth as possible for all the kids and for their adoring fans, but with utmost security foremost in our minds. We hope that the adults will be cheering the kids on, but understand when people feel the need to be on the road with the youngsters. Registration for adults is the same fee as for the kids. Race day information will be provided for spectators and participants to minimize confusion and maximize safety and fun.
If you choose to run with your child, we ask that you do register. Online late registration will not be subject to a fee increase for this event. Registrations can be done online from Wednesday May 1 until Friday May 3rd at 4pm, or at race day registration on Saturday at the race site.

Are strollers allowed on the Final Mile course?

Stroller wheels can be dangerous to other participants. We ask that strollers be kept to the very rear of any official race course.

Are there other activities I can do to equal a mile of running or walking?

There are many great ways to exercise and have fun while getting healthy. Here is a terrific list of one mile equivalents. Mile Chart.pdf
Be Smart, Eat Well & Move More!
Learn Healthy Habits for Life!
  • For additional nutrition tips and great healthy eating resources, including their cookbook, “More Delicious and Still Nutritious” go
  • For fun reading resources including Flying Pig Kids’ Marathon booklists, electronic storybooks and jokes contributed by kids visit The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County’s kids’ website:

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