Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Spirit Level Charity
The winners of the Ham It Up Contest are as follows:
1st Place - Josh Cares (Mile 23 by the LeBlond Rec Center)
2nd Place - LLS Team in Training (Mile 15 at Settle and Murray)
3rd Place - Boy Scout Troop 445 (Mile 19 at Eastern and Russell)

The judges were Krysti Barnhill, Tom McGill and Kyle Shumate.


  • Merchandise/team wear purchase opportunity
  • Flying Pig Website Listing (name & hyperlink to organization)
  • Use of Flying Pig Marathon logo for promotions
  • Cheer station location
  • Opportunity to win Ham-It-Up spirit contest cash award
  • Opportunity to participate in 2013 Piggest Raffle Ever


  • Complete Ham-It-Up registration by April 19, 2013
  • Provide proof of non-profit status
  • Report to assigned location on marathon day