Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Training Program - Recovery Period


Training Calendar
Recovery Period

Recovery Week One -
Tip: Respect the marathon distance. It pounds your body. Even after the soreness disappears you have tissue damage. It will take up to a month to completely heal. Your body is very ripe for injury now. Give it the opportunity to recover. The best form of recovery is rest.
Training: Abstain from running the entire week. Take a couple of days completely off after the marathon and only then walk during the rest of the week.
Quote: "Training is a case of stress management. Stress and rest, stress and rest." - Brooks Johnson
Recovery Week Two -
Tip: Now what do you do? Ideally you enjoyed your marathon experience and will set some future goals. However, if you do not feel the urge to do a bit of running, follow those feelings. Do not worry. This "let down" is a natural response to the physical and mental preparation you undertook.
Training: 20-30:00 SRR; 20-30:00 SRR; 20-30:00 SRR; 20-30:00 SRR
Quote: "Whenever you win a big race, there's always a letdown. And actually, the race has diminished in importance right after you've won it. It's gone." - Frank Shorter, after Munich
Recovery Week Three -
Tip: Generally it requires as many days to recover from racing as the number of miles in the event.
Training: 20-30:00 SRR; 20-30:00 SRR; 20-30:00 SRR; 45-60:00 MRR
Quote: "There is no finish line." - Nike advertising slogan
Recovery Week Four -
Tip: The symptoms of aging are virtually the same as symptoms resulting from inactivity.
Training: 20-30:00 SRR; 45-60:00 MR; 20-30:00 SRR; 45-60:00 MRR
Quote: "God's been good to me. I've caught a few bad breaks along the way, but God likes me. And I like Him, too. Time marches on and here I am way up in my 80s. Jeepers. I want to run till I'm 100. I'll never stop. People ask me about my philosophy of life all the time. I just put one foot in front of the other and keep going." - John A. "Old John" Kelley, from "Young at Heart"