Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
Training Program - Suggestions


Training Calendar
Suggestions For Using This Plan

If you are a beginner, and the Cincinnati Fly Pig Marathon has you excited enough to make this your first marathon attempt, adhere more closely to the prescribed schedule. However, if you are more advanced or experienced, look at the schedule and change or add to it where you feel comfortable. I am going by the assumption that you are able to complete a 10k run when you begin this program.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will stick with this plan for at least six weeks. This is enough time to get you over some of the adjustments that occur as you start a new running program. Seek out three or four different routes for your runs and walks. Make them convenient. They will add variety to your preparation.

I would recommend that beginners do not do the Goal Pace Runs (GPR). Let the Yasso 800s (Y800) indicate to you what you might expect on the day of the marathon.

The experienced marathoners might add days of Short or Medium Recovery Runs (SRR or MRR) to the week when appropriate for additional mileage. I would also include Goal Pace Runs (GPR) in order to prepare for the pace that you wish to run.

Do not be afraid to back off if your body is telling you that you are taking on too much. It is preferred to enter any event somewhat under-trained, but healthy rather than having completed every step of a training program yet not knowing if the next step will be the cause of a break down. We want you on the starting line! Remember. It is very easy to "train hard." It is much more difficult to "train smart."