Youth Program: Virtual Event Instructions

Thank you for registering to participate in one of our  2021 Flying Pig Marathon Spring Virtual Youth Events. Although we wish we could see you cross the Finish Swine in person, we have included instructions below and several ways that we can celebrate with you!


The Flying Pig Virtual Event allows you to complete the race on your own. You will run or walk the race distance at your own pace and at a time and location of your choosing. You choose your own race day from now until June 15 and your own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park or your neighborhood street. 

Visit the Youth Virtual FAQs page on our website for answers to common questions regarding the virtual option.


Check out and download our kid-friendly Spotify playlist! Perfect for your warm up/cool down or while you’re participating in your virtual event!


We encourage your family to join our Virtual Group on Facebook. Please continue to share your training and Finish Swine photos with us and offer encouragement to other participants. Those who share photos of their virtual experience will be entered to win prizes from our partners!


Follow along through our Facebook and Instagram pages as we celebrate the Spring Virtual Flying Pig weekend. Your can share your training and event photos with us using #runflyingpig to be eligible to win some of our weekly giveaways. 


Even the littlest Piglet can celebrate the Flying Pig! Now through Tuesday, May 4, join our youth coloring contest for a chance to win a First Watch prize pack and other great prizes!

Download our coloring page and email the artwork to for a chance to win! Please include your child’s first name and age when submitting your artwork. Participants 12 and under will be eligible to win one of our prizes.

Winners will be selected and announced on our social media pages on Thursday, May 6.


Registrants for the youth spring virtual events are not required to submit results, but all participants do have the ability to upload their results via Race Roster, if interested. For more details including step by step instructions, click here.

We recommend the ASICS Runkeeper app that integrates with each participant’s Race Roster account and will update results automatically. Please note that a few quick steps are needed to link this app to your Flying Pig registration, but more details can be found using the link below!

ASICS Runkeeper App Instructions

For issues or questions concerning the Runkeeper App and results submission please email OR call 1-855-969-5515.

Please note: Virtual participants are not eligible for overall or age group awards.


Not interested in using an app to track event distance? Try marking off an “official” course for your child. This could be laps around the school, neighborhood or on the track. If laps are required for your route, we recommend using a system for tracking each lap (or mile in the case of 5K participants) to keep everyone accountable. This could be something as simple as having participants drop popsicle sticks into a bucket at the completion of each lap or mile. 
Remember: The most important factor is that your child has FUN completing their virtual event!


All virtual participants will receive the following as part of their registration:

We will begin mailing out spring virtual event shirts and medals following the June 15th event completion deadline.


Warm Up

Warm up your muscles with these dynamic exercises. Repeat each exercise 2 times.

Cool Down

Static stretching is a great way to relax the body and loosen up muscles. Make sure to follow your run/walk with these stretches or create your own routine! Hold each stretch for 30 seconds each.

Cincinnati Children’s Running Tips

 Here are a few race day tips for youth runners to maximize their potential and minimize their risk of injury.

The day before: Stay hydrated and avoid excessive time on your feet or in the sun.  Eat an easy-to-digest meal and drink non-caffeinated beverages to fuel up. Get a good night’s sleep (8-9 hours).

The morning of your race: Eat an easy-to-digest breakfast such as a banana, bagel, toast, or non-fibrous cereal along with water, a sports drink, or juice approximately 60-90 minutes before your race.  

10-15 minutes before your race: Put your race gear on and start warming up. At the start of the race, it is good to have a light sweat going and to have an elevated heart rate and breathing rate. 

During the race: Have fun and go for it! Remember to pace yourself. Relax your hands, arms, and face muscles.

After the race: Do not immediately stop moving. This will help your body cool down and avoid a quick drop in blood pressure. Don’t forget to stretch! Within 15-30 minutes of your race remember to rehydrate and eat a healthy snack!

Savor the memories.  Reflect on your accomplishments and plan for your next active adventure! For more tips from Jeff Taylor-Haas, Physical Therapist and Lead Clinician for the Runner’s Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, click here.


The Flying Pig Marathon weekend will now occur at the location and time of your choice between now and June 15. Pig Works is not responsible for your safety while running virtually. We specifically request that you do not use any of our race day routes as they are not pedestrian safe without the usual street closures and police assistance with traffic. Please also adhere to the physical distancing mandates and guidelines in your area.

Thank you again for participating in a spring virtual youth event, part of the Flying Pig Youth Program, presented by Cincinnati Children’s! We’ll keep you updated on all things Flying Pig and hope to see you at one of our start lines again soon!

Still have questions? Please email us at for help!