Columbia Tusculum

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Columbia Tusculum is Miles 20 – 22 of the full marathon course. Columbia Tusculum is Cincinnati’s Oldest Neighborhood.  The neighborhood is known for its historic district featuring brightly colored 19th-century homes. The business district consists of businesses, schools, and churches. Toward the end of the business district, lies historic and still active Columbia Baptist Church, home of the first Protestant Congregation in the Northwest Territory. Just a few more buildings past Tusculum Avenue is a beautiful, light yellow house built in 1804, the Morris House, claimed to be the oldest inhabited home in Cincinnati. For Flying Pig spectators, Columbia Tusculum is the site of another Party Zone that offers free refreshments and entertainment. Plenty of free parking is available at Columbia Square just off Columbia Parkway east of Delta Avenue.

Suggested Viewing Spots

  • Party Zone
  • Delta Avenue & Eastern Ave/Riverside Drive
  • Complimentary Refreshments
  • Entertainment
  • Parking at Columbia Square

Race Day Entertainment

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