Course Tour

Fairfax is Miles 17 – 18 of the full marathon course. Marathoners will leave the nearly completely flat running in Mariemont with a half-mile of gradual downhill on the bike path as they enter Fairfax. This neighborhood route is much like Mariemont in that it has lots of turns, but it has one noteworthy difference, a significant hill on Watterson. This hill does not come into view until you reach its base at a turn in the road. It is short and steep. After zigging and zagging through the streets for a mile or so the course emerges onto Wooster Pike/Columbia Parkway. On your right, behind a chain-link fence, is Frisch’s Mainliner Restaurant with the Big Boy statue out front. The Big Boy statue is the last landmark in the neighborhood section of the course and he welcomes you to join him in cheering the marathoners and then possibly a bite to eat!

Suggested Viewing Spots

  • Frisch’s Mainliner
  • Southern Ave
  • Wooster Pike

Race Day Entertainment

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