2022 Pig Works Ambassador Program

We’re looking for a group of social media savvy Flying Pig super fans who love to talk about running events, and the Flying Pig! 

Flying Pig Ambassadors will take on a unique position to illustrate the magic of the Flying Pig and the effects it has on the lives within our community through the use of social media, and word of mouth.  Ambassadors will be tasked to highlight their past, present, and future journeys surrounding the Flying Pig, and engage with followers to spread the word and recruit participation for the 2022 weekend of events. This program will provide meaningful opportunities for you as an ambassador, to engage with the running community, share your passion for running/walking, healthy living, and earn some rewards along the way!

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Train and participate in at least one 2022 Pig Works weekend event

2. Include “Flying Pig Ambassador” in at least one social media bio

3. Wear Ambassador shirt during Pig Works events and at other races throughout the year

4. Announce you have been selected as a Pig Works Ambassador on social media channels and encourage participation (all Ambassadors will be given a discount code to share with followers)

5. Share training and race weekend photos on social media channels (no min or max requirement)

6. Must attend the P&G Health and Fitness Expo and interact with participants by answering questions, etc.

7. Must be an upbeat, fun, and encouraging “face of the Pig” while maintaining a positive attitude

Perks and Benefits:

1. Complimentary registrations to all Pig Works races, including Beer Series, FCC3 and Queen Bee weekend events (excluding youth events)

2. Pig Works swag, including a limited edition Ambassador shirt

3. Profile featured on the Ambassador page of the Pig Works website with photos and links to social media handles

4. Invitations to Flying Pig weekend VIP events

5. Opportunities to earn additional Pig Swag

6. Unique opportunity to grow in community with fellow ambassadors

If you think you have what it takes to REP THE PIG, BEE, and HOGS from January 10, 2022 to December 1, 2022 fill out the application below! 

2022 Pig Works Ambassador Application


PLEASE NOTE: Ambassadors do NOT receive financial compensation of any kind. This is strictly and purely a volunteer role, not employee, freelance, or contractor. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payments of any kind. The Ambassadors serve for one calendar year though Ambassadors are encouraged to reapply each year if they wish to continue in future years. The Flying Pig Marathon Series reserves the right to remove any ambassador from the program at its discretion.

Questions? Email ambassador@flyingpigmarathon.com