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Mariemont is Miles 15 – 16 of the full marathon course. The completely flat running in Mariemont is a welcome relief to the runners and walkers. The course through Mariemont can be pretty confusing, particularly if you are from out of town. The course on Murray Avenue is a divided boulevard. Marathoners will use one side of the boulevard as they head into Mariemont and be on the opposite side as they return from downtown Mariemont. The section in Mariemont probably has the most turns on the course but every turn brings a new sight and participants love the atmosphere around the Square. The right turn past the Mariemont Graeter’s Ice Cream has the distinction of being the easternmost point of the course. Everyone is heading toward the finish as he/she rounds the Square.

Suggested Viewing Spots

  • Mariemont Square
  • Mariemont Theater
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream Shop
  • National Exemplar

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