Mt. Adams/Eden Park

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Mt Adams and Eden Park/Walnut Hills are Miles 6 – 8 of the full and half marathon courses. This area has traditionally been one of the most challenging sections of the course. Yet, it is probably the most scenic and one of the most enjoyable parts. About a quarter of a mile north of the bus terminal on Gilbert Ave, participants will notice on the right side of the road a very unique looking Norman Romanesque mini-castle made up of two towers connected by an archway. This structure was commissioned in the 1880s by the Cincinnati Water Works as a tribute to Elsinore Castle from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. At that time it served as a footpath entrance to Eden Park, and also as a valve house for the waterworks.

What many consider the “signature mile” of the Flying Pig marathon starts at the Elsinore Castle. From this point, the course stair steps up to the top of the hill. This is also one of the most scenic parts of the race with a very nice view of a gazebo overlooking Mirror Lake in the park. The course also gradually turns through the woods so runners cannot see the top of the hill until turning the corner prior to the Krohn Conservatory building. Spectators can follow the Floral Trail which parallels the course and follow the pack from the Gazebo to Krohn Conservatory. A stone bridge spans across the road at the top of Eden Park’s hill just beyond the conservatory. Some of the best entertainment on the course can be found in Eden Park. Enjoy!

Suggested Viewing Spots

  • Mirror Lake
  • Relay Exchange Area
  • Gazebo
  • Floral Trail
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Arch Bridge

Race Day Entertainment

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