Course Tour

Newport is Miles 2 -3 of the full and half marathon courses. The Taylor Southgate Bridge is the first and the most gentle of three bridges in this section of the course. On the Kentucky side of the bridge, you will see the Newport on the Levee entertainment district and the Newport Aquarium. At the base of the bridge is a gentle uphill on Monmouth Street for two blocks, then a right turn on the 5th. To your right as you approach York Street, at the southeast corner of York and 4th you will see the world’s largest swinging bell, the World Peace Bell. It was cast by Cincinnati’s own Verdin Company and weighs 33 tons. Listen for it to ring a few minutes before noon while you celebrate with your friends after the race. Turning right, just past the Campbell County Courthouse, onto 5th Street the course runs through somewhat urban areas of Newport and Covington. Between the two Northern Kentucky cities is the Veterans Bridge over the Licking River.

Suggested Viewing Spots

  • Newport Aquarium
  • World Peace Bell

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