The Science of a Successful Race

Stay Dry

  • Wearing sports clothing that “wicks away” perspiration can help regulate body’s temperature

Reduce Pain

  • On race day, it is not a good idea to run in brand new shoes. Wear shoes that still have ample cushioning, but that have about 40 to 50 miles on them.
  • To prevent chafing, decrease the amount of friction to your skin by applying Vaseline or Aquafor to areas that get the sweatiest.
  • Compression tights can reduce post-race soreness.

Be Protected

  • If it’s a cold day, select an outer later. Charitable organizations will be on hand to collect discarded clothing.
  • Wear gloves because your fingers have a lot of surface area and lose heat quickly. They’re sensitive to cold, and they’re not working very hard when you’re running. The rest of the body can keep itself warm (even in shorts) while your fingers can feel cold.
  • Prevent overheating on a warm day by placing towels with ice and water on your skin.