Vanessa Holtmann

Hebron, KY

Event: 4 Miler as part of the Snout and Stinger Challenge

About Vanessa: Vanessa’s life revolves around faith, family, and fitness. Her friends often refer to her as a competitive runner, crazy crossfitter, bucket list daredevil, abstract artist, wannabe chef, dog whisperer, and avid traveler. Some adventures she has achieved are flying an airplane, riding a camel through Israel, swimming with sharks, polar plunging, starting a non profit, holding an art exhibit, hiking a volcano, becoming a Plane Pull Champion, winning a spartan race, scuba diving, and becoming a personal trainer.

Favorite Post Race Meal: Pie! Specifically Edwards Reese’s Cream Pie Frozen!

Favorite thing about the Queen Bee:  love love love meeting first time runners! You all encourage women so much and I meeting women that never believed they could ever achieve something, and then their excitement when they do! I get chills and yes I have gotten teary eyed before! I just want people to know that they can do any race. They just got to start and keep going and prove it to themself. When they do that its so magically. 

Advice for Queen Bee participants: Sign up. Do not let fear talk you out of it. Sign up and start. We all have start start somewhere. Also, seek help, make friends, get a partner, and know that you are worthy! You are worthy on that medal, sunflower, hug, etc. You are so worthy of it!