Youth Virtual Challenges 2021

New Mileage Tracking Features via Race Roster:

In addition to the Hog Log, youth participants can track their mileage digitally by utilizing special Race Roster account features. Participants can upload their own mileage and follow the progress of other Flying Pig youth participants. 

We’ve created two different challenges, depending on what youth event you are participating in. Cincinnati Children’s 26th Mile participants are challenged to complete 26.2 miles of training and our Fly Up to 5K participants are put to the test of tracking 35+ miles incrementally by May 15th. As training miles are completed, parents of each participant are encouraged to help their child log their miles using the paper Hog Log, digitally through Race Roster, or both! This is completely optional, but highly encouraged as a way to help develop and reward healthy habits.

How To Guide for Virtual Challenges