Piggest Raffle Ever

2020 Piggest Raffle Winners

Raffle Level (Piggest Raffle Ever)

This level of charity participation is probably the easiest manner of involvement as an Official Flying Pig Charity but requires the charity to continually and consistently promote their participation in the Piggest Raffle Ever.

Charities wishing to participate in the Piggest Raffle Ever must register online.  The Pig Staff will then post the charity’s name in a drop-down menu on the Piggest Raffle website.  The charity must then promote the website and ask their constituents to go there and purchase pigs on their behalf.

Pigs cost $5 each and 100% of that money goes back to the charity in the form of a donation.  And the person “purchasing the pigs” has a chance to win some fabulous prizes (please see below), if their pig is one of the first 3 down the chute at the Official “Pig Drop” on Sunday morning!

Organizations may also choose to sell paper raffle tickets which are available in increments of 50 tickets and requires a check or credit card deposit to reserve the tickets.  Charities will also receive recognition on the Flying Pig website.

1st Prize

  • $10,000 Cash ($5,000 to the person purchasing the ticket and $5,000 to the charity for which the ticket was purchased).

2nd Prize

  • $5,000 Cash ($2,500 to the person purchasing the ticket and $2,500 to the charity for which the ticket was purchased)

3rd Prize

  • Cincinnati Experience (Getaway Weekend valued at $1,500)


  • Opportunity to raise money through online sales or from ticket sales in Piggest Raffle Ever as outlined above
  • Flying Pig Website Listing (name listing & link to organization’s website)
  • Use of Flying Pig Marathon logo & Piggest Raffle Ever logos for promotions
  • Booth Space at Post Race Charity Village (Optional). The price is $150 and includes a 10’x10′ booth, 1 table, and 2 chairs.
  • Expo exhibitor discount (Optional). The price is $475 which is 50% of the regular expo exhibitor price.
  • Merchandise/team wear purchase opportunity through Brand Evolutions, official merchandiser of the Flying Pig Marathon


  • Complete Raffle Charity Level application by August 31, 2021
  • Provide proof of non-profit status
  • Charity MUST be willing to promote Piggest Raffle Ever continually and consistently through traditional communications, social and electronic media asking their donors to “buy pigs” on their behalf.

2021 Piggest Raffle Ever Charity Application

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