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Join Pig Works and The Bridge Adaptive in Empowering Dreams

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023
Join Pig Works and The Bridge Adaptive in Empowering Dreams

In 2023, The Flying Pig added two new divisions, a 10K Handcycle Division and a Para Athlete Division. This Giving Tuesday, in partnership with The Bridge Adaptive Sports and Recreation, we aim to raise $20,000 to provide some of these athletes with equipment they need. Specifically, we want to help Nick and Devon with running blades and a handcycle for Don. Your contribution will not only help them achieve their dreams but will also support The Bridge Adaptive Sports and Recreation's mission to break down barriers to sport and recreation for people with disabilities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Meet Nick: Nick, a Cincinnati Police Officer, experienced a major life change three years ago following a car accident. Determined to reclaim his active lifestyle and return to his dream job, Nick faced numerous challenges, leading to the decision of amputation. With unwavering family support, perseverance, and hard work, Nick has triumphed over adversity. He's back to hiking, swimming, lifting weights, playing golf, and even returned to full duty at his job.

Meet Devon: In 2018, life took an unexpected turn for Devon. A rare condition led to the loss of both his feet, but his spirit remained unbroken. With determination, he embraced a new normal, discovering a passion for sled hockey and adapting to life's challenges. Now, he dreams of running again with the help of specialized running blades.

Meet Don: Don, a former FedEx driver, faced a life-altering moment in 2019. Paralyzed from the waist down due to a rare condition, he embarked on a journey of resilience. With the support of Encompass Health and The Drake Center, he's regaining independence through innovative technologies and adaptive sports. He completed his first 6 mile handcycle race at the Flying Pig last spring.

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Every dollar brings us one step closer to our $20,000 goal.

EY will match all donations, up to $1,500!

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