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Pizza, Coneys, Ice Cream and More: Recognizing Some of “Cincinnati’s Swinest”

Thursday, May 4, 2023
Pizza, Coneys, Ice Cream and More: Recognizing Some of “Cincinnati’s Swinest”

Are you ready to pig out on some of the best food and products Cincinnati has to offer? Look no further than the Flying Pig's list of Cincinnati’s Swinest, a group of amazing local businesses we're beyond proud to partner with.

In honor of the Flying Pig's 25th anniversary, Graeter's has created a special flavor called Flying Pig Tracks, featuring peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge, packaged into a playfully illustrated pint. It's the perfect sweet treat to enjoy after a long run or just because!

The Rookwood Pottery Company was first founded in 1880. The company quickly grew into a world-renowned ceramics studio. Today, Rookwood continues to build upon its rich heritage creating some of the highest quality pottery and architectural tile around. They also have been a long partner of the Flying Pig and have helped create the iconic Coughlin Cup by Rookwood.

Graeter’s and Rookwood Pottery actually teamed up to create a “Flying Pig” ice cream bowl. The bowl is the fifth in Graeter’s series of collectible Rookwood bowls. This very limited run carries a stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon. Available in limited quantities, the stamped Flying Pig bowl will be available for sale at $59.95 at the P&G Health & Fitness Expo.

If you're looking for some extra Flying Pig themed wear, check out Cincy Shirts. This local apparel company has collaborated with us on some special shirts featuring fun Flying Pig designs.

If you're looking for something savory, you can't go wrong with LaRosa's or Skyline Chili. Both of these Cincinnati classics have satisfied hungry stomachs for decades. Whether you prefer LaRosa's pizza or Skyline's unique cheese coneys, these restaurants are a favorite to help our runners refuel after a challenging run.

Of course, the Flying Pig isn't just about food - we also love to ring in the occasion with some help from our friends at Verdin Bell. This family-owned bell and clock company created the PR Bell, which runners can ring to celebrate a personal record. It's a fun way to commemorate your accomplishments and add some excitement to your post-race celebration. Be sure to ring the bell at our post-race party.

Zumbiel is another great partner that we're proud to work with. This packaging company has printed our posters for 25 years and is a leader in eco-friendly and innovative packaging solutions. We love that they share our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Finally, if you're in need of some cool refreshments (and something to get the chatter at your party going), look no further than Big Ice. This ice company creates large, high-quality ice cubes that are perfect for chilling drinks or adding some frozen fun to your post-race party. Plus, they've created some fun products to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary, like The Flying Pig Pack, or "Piggy Ice," featuring three custom designs commemorating the Flying Pig Marathon's 25th anniversary. 

We hope you'll join us in supporting these companies and celebrating all that makes “Cincinnati's Swinest” so special. Whether you're running the Flying Pig or just looking for some great food and products, these partners are sure to make your experience extra special.

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