Rally Points

Cintas Rally Sow-el Stations

Spectators gathering near the Finish Swine may want to gravitate to the Cintas Rally Sow-el stations to rally the half-marathoners and marathoners to the finish. Volunteers will be distributing a limited supply of rally towels provided by Cintas Facility Services. The Rally Sow-el Station for the half-marathon is located on Eggleston Avenue at 5th Street, approximately the 12 Mile mark. Volunteers will also be distributing  Rally Sow-els to spectators lining Pete Rose Way near the finish line. Come out, grab a towel, cheer the runners/walkers through the last quarter mile of their race, and head to the reunion area in Yeatman’s Cove to meet and congratulate your favorite participant!

Click here to download a pace chart to gauge the time to be at the Rally Sow-el Station.

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