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Oct 12, 2024
Queen Bee Half Marathon Weekend
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Gear/Baggage Check

Participants in both the Half Marathon and 4 Miler may check a bag near the start line of the race. Yellow school buses will be parked on Court St. just south of the casino the morning of the race beginning at 6 a.m.

Place all of your items in the clear bag provided at the expo. A tear tag will be provided (detach from your runner bib number) as a means of identification. Attach the tear tag to your bag prior to drop off at the bus.

Allow plenty of time to get to the Start Line to check any gear and position yourself in your assigned corral. Gear must be placed in the clear bag and checked in by 7:30am for the Half Marathon and 8:00am for the 4 Miler, or it will not be accepted. Gear check will remain open until 10 a.m. for the 4 Miler and 12 p.m. for the Half Marathon.

The baggage buses will be transported to Sawyer Point where you can retrieve your bag after the race. Please be sure to put your bag on the designated bus(es) for your race.

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