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Oct 12, 2024
Queen Bee Half Marathon Weekend
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"Hive" Start Corrals

The assigned Hive for both the Half Marathon and 4 Miler will be indicated on each participant's race bib with both a color and a letter. Our Hives will be structured as follows:

Hive/Start Corral Color Projected Per Mile Pace
A Black 7:45 and faster
B Red 7:46 - 9:00
C Purple 9:01 - 11:30
D Orange 11:31 - 14:00
E Pink 14:01 +
F Green Men


Please line up next to the feather banner with the color/letter that matches the one indicated on your bib. Please note that the Half Marathon will begin at 7:30am and the 4 Miler will begin at 8:00am. Men participating in either of the races, and any women wishing to run or walk with them, will start in the back (Hive F) for both races. 4 Miler participants, if you arrive early, please wait on Court St. or Eggleston Ave. while the Half Marathon starts to allow adequate space for that race to begin.

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