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Queen Bee Half Marathon
Championed By
Queens Court

A select group of runners and walkers have been buzzing through the finish line of the Queen Bee Half Marathon since the beginning. We call this royal group our “Queen’s Court,” as they’ve kept their consecutive Half Marathon streak going since 2013! We’re proud of our “Queen’s Court” and we want to give them the recognition they deserve! Join us in congratulating the members of our Queen’s Court who will have receive special back bibs announcing their royal status out on the course!

*Please Note: Queen’s Court members will need to participate in-person in 2022 to maintain their streak and Queen’s Court status.

Oluwaseyi Akinbobola Mary Alice Gruden LIsa Obrien
Jessica Alexander Jan Grzymajlo Gina Ogden
Shari Andrews Sarah Guarente Kendall Overkamp
Nancy Barbian Joyce Hall Erica Palmer
Ashley Battle Lisa Hardesty Anne Patten
Wendy Beaudoin Laurie Harmon Judy Perkinson
Michele Beck Erin Harper Cindy Preston
Barb Benkert Julia Hartmann Lori Procaccino
Laura Blackorby Stacie Hecht Amy Purcell
Jennie Boehm Jennifer Hoeting Sara Ranson
Pamela Boehm Lecia Holley Vicki Rea
Pam Boland Patricia Holtgrave Kim Rogers
Pearl Bowden Katie Holtmann Erin Rolfes
Jennifer Brannock Kathy Hopton Catherine Rosevear
Karen Brassfield Scot Howell Karla Ruth
LeAnn Briggs Amy Hughes Michelle Ryan
Kathleen Burns Becky Jackson Barbara Saville
Amber Campbell Kimberly Jones Naomi Sayles
Sharon Cardona Tina Kane Amanda Saylor
Pamela Carroll Amy Kerner Elizabeth Schmidt
Kim Chamberland Katherine Kistler Jackie Schoultheis
Margaret Champion Karen Kowalski Jodi Schutte
Angela Chaney Michelle Krebs Janet Shaw
Sheila Chapman Brittney Kreimer Jessica Silverman
Jennifer Cissell Mary Beth Lampe Sarah Simon
Barbara Clark Stacey Lang Anne Smith
Ashley Coffaro Angela Leisring Bethany Smith
Mikah Coffindaffer Natalie Leverone Jayne Snelling
Amanda Couch Emily Lewis Jacqueline Stachowiak
Karen Crane Alexandra Liggett Laurie Stayton-Smith
Nancy Cunningham Kathryn Lindeman Heather Storey
Tara Deegan Stephanie Little Lizbeth Testa
Beth Dektas Elizabeth Ludwig Jeri Thomas
Sue Diemer Adena Luehrmann Sarah Thomas
Sue Dorroh Laurah Lukin Paige Tomlin
Christina Dotterweich Allison Mack Lindsey Totten
Carla Dreyer Tracy Mahaney Amy Touassi
Emily Durrett Tina Martin Leslie Touassi
Nicki Eichhold Michelle McNamara Amy Tudor
Polly Elmlinger Billie Jo Mendoza Molly Vossmeyer
Anne Ernst Meredith Meyer Megan Walsh
Abigail Estrada-Bey Tammy Meyer Julie Ward
Katie Evans Emily Miller Holly Weber
Barbara Friend Sarah Minges Megan Weisenberger
Susan Fulmer Pamela Minnemann Leah Weitzman
Suzanne Geiger Patricia Molony Gina Wesley
Frances Gilbert Tammy Moore Susan Wesley
Carolyn Gorman Shannon Mould Tracy Willman
Ellen Gormley Lisa Muff Denise Winstel
Alison Gray Lauren Neeley Kara Yuskewich
Holly Donaldson Iris Neidenbach Tabitha Zamarripa
Sandy Greenwald Laura Nevels Kimberly Zellars
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