FPM Deferral FAQs

Q: What is a race deferral?

A race deferral is a process of transferring your registration from the current year to the following year.

Q:  When I defer my registration, does that mean I am automatically registered for the following year?

No – You must register using your deferral code.   You will also need to sign the new waiver. 

Q: Where do I place my deferral code upon registering?

Your deferral code will go in the “Promo Code” box near the bottom of the online registration form.  

Q: Does my deferral code work on any and all Flying Pig Marathon events?

Your deferral code is only eligible on the event you were originally registered for.

Q: Can I use my deferral code on a different Pig Works event?

No – Your deferral code must be used on the Flying Pig event you were originally registered for.

Q: What if I want to switch events within the Flying Pig Marathon weekend?

Email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com for assistance with switching events within Flying Pig Marathon weekend.  

Q: Is there a fee associated with switching events after registering with my deferral code?

There is a $10 switching fee to change your race distance and if you are increasing your race distance, you will be required to pay the difference in race price as well.

Q: Am I guaranteed a spot if the event sells out?

You are NOT guaranteed a spot if the event sells out unless you are registered, so please register as soon as possible.

Q: Can I use my deferral code to register at on-site registration during race weekend?

Yes – But you are not guaranteed a spot until you are registered.  If you wait to use your deferral code to register on-site during race weekend, your event may be sold out at that time.

Q: Does my deferral code expire?

Your 2020 deferral code will expire once registration closes for the 2023 event unless you used it to participate in 2021 or 2022.

Q: When should I receive my deferral code?

Your deferral code was sent via email in October of 2020 and again in January of 2021 to the email address listed on your original 2020 registration.  If you are unable to locate your code, please email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com for assistance.