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May 2 – 4, 2025
Flying Pig Marathon Weekend
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Prysmian Group
USA Today Readers' Choice 2024 Best Marathon – #1 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
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Policies & FAQs


  1. No refunds are permitted. 
  2. Limited time offers only applicable to new registrants. No price adjustments or refunds will be granted to existing registrants. 
  3. Limit one discount code per transaction.
  4. Participants may switch race distances. Switches can be made by contacting registration@flyingpigmarathon.com. There is a $10 switching fee plus any applicable entry fee difference.
  5. Participants may transfer their registration to someone else by contacting registration@flyingpigmarathon.com.  There is a $20 transfer fee to transfer your registration to another person and the new participant will be charged this fee during the transfer process.  Any other payment, reimbursement, or exchange of funds associated with a transferred entry must take place between the two individuals involved.  Pig Works does not facilitate the payment between two parties.
  6. The transfer/switch deadline is April 19th, 2024 at 12pm EST pending the desired race is not sold out. To initiate a transfer, click here.
  7. We are not offering deferrals. All 2020 deferral codes expired after 2023 registration closed.
  8. We do not offer race day packet pick-up for the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, or 4-Person Open Relay, and race packets cannot be mailed prior to the race. 
  9. Participants unable to pick up their own race packet may have someone else pick up their packet for them.  The person picking up your packet must have a filled-out copy of the Packet Pickup Authorization Form and a copy of your photo ID to be shown to our volunteers handing out race packets. 
  10. Wheelchair entrants must wear helmets at all times.  Due to logistical and safety issues, we are not currently able to accommodate hand-crank chairs.
  11. Updated ages have been established for our events. Participants must be 18 years of age on race day to participate in the Marathon, 14 years of age on race day to participate in the Half Marathon, and 12 years of age on race day to participate in the 10K/Relay/14K. There is no age requirement for distances less than 10K. 
    • These requirements apply to all Flying Pig Marathon and Pig Works events.
    • Age requirements will continue to be reviewed and are subject to change.
  12. Waivers for participation in the half marathon and marathon distances will be considered for those 12 years and older on race day. Waivers for participation in the 10K/Relay/14K will be considered for all ages. Waivers will be considered upon:
    • provide parental approval
    • provide primary care physician approval and allow Pig Works medical staff to discuss participation with primary care physician
    • meet in-person or via phone with Pig Works medical staff
    • have a guide to participate with them throughout the duration of the event and/or provide a personal emergency action plan for race day contacts

No waivers will be considered less than 30 days prior to race date and all waivers are subject to the discretion of the Pig Works board, staff and medical team. 

Waiver procedures will be reviewed and updated annually. 

To apply for a waiver, please email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, various flavors of GU Energy Gel will be at Miles 18 and 21. On the half marathon course, GU Energy Chews will be available at Mile 9.

In the 1800’s Cincinnati was called “Porkopolis” because of all the stockyards and the meat packing industry.  In fact, they often ran pigs through the downtown streets.  In the 1980’s when the riverfront was being developed, they commissioned a nationally renowned sculptor/artist to design something that was indicative of Cincinnati’s history and we now have Flying Pigs welcoming you to the riverfront.  When the founders of the marathon were looking for a name for the event back in ‘97 “Flying Pig” brought smiles to everyone’s face so that seemed most appropriate.

All finishers in all our events get a medal. All medals are two-sided and three-dimensional. Many people run our race just for our medal because it is so unique.

There will be Lemon Lime Gatorade Endurance formula available at all the water stations on the full marathon, half marathon and 10K courses.

Because the race is an early spring race the weather is often hard to predict. Normally the temperature at the start is in the mid 40’s and goes up to the mid 60’s by afternoon.

There are no hotels right at the start or finish, but there are many hotels within walking distance of the start in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. There are shuttles from the finish area to hotels in downtown Cincinnati and northern Kentucky.

The Flying Pig Marathon does not have cash awards for any races other than the Fifty West Mile. Overall prizes are awarded to the top 3 men and women determined by gun time. Age group awards go to the top three in each age group and are determined by chip time.  Overall winners are not eligible for age group awards.

Walkers are welcome in all Flying Pig Marathon events, but are expected to maintain a 16-minute per mile pace, or move to the sidewalks, as streets will re-open after that time.  Please note, we do not have judges on the course, so do not offer walker division awards. Participants who do not reach the Frisch's Mainliner between miles 17 and 18 by 12:15pm will be bussed to the Eastern Avenue section of the course.

Participants unable to pick up their own race packet may have someone else pick up their packet for them. Fill out the Packet Pickup Authorization Form and give it to the person picking up your packet. They will take the completed form and a copy of your photo ID to the expo and give it to the volunteer handing out race packets.

Marathon participants need to be 18 years of age on race day. Half marathon and relay participants need to be 14 years of age on race day. 10K participants need to be 12 years of age.

The course remains open for a 7-hour pace. The streets re-open progressively at a 16 minute per mile pace.  But don’t worry, we won’t run you off the course if you want to enjoy yourself a little longer, just move up to the sidewalks and obey pedestrian rules and you’ll be fine. Runners who do not reach the Frisch's Mainliner between miles 17 and 18 by 12:15pm will be bussed to the Eastern Avenue section of the course.

The race has 40,000+ total participants, with an average of 21,000 participants on Sunday and about 20,000 for the Saturday events.  It takes over 8,000 volunteers “Grunts” to make the race run smoothly and approximately 100,000 spectators “Street Squealers” line the course to inspire and motivate the runners.

The hills are in the first nine miles of the race.  The first two are just going over the bridge into Kentucky and the one coming back.  After several miles of flat there is a 300 ft. climb between miles 6-9 to a beautiful park with a panoramic view of the river and downtown Cincinnati.  After that it is gently rolling and from mile 19 to the finish it is pretty flat.

Plan to be at the start line at least an hour to a half hour before your event. Please allow plenty of time to navigate traffic, park and make your way to the start line for your pre-race routine.

Transportation will be provided to and from the start and finish of each leg of the relay. You can transport yourself to the relay exchange points, but keep in mind that because of road closures for the race, you may have difficulty getting close the exchange zone.

We will offer a military discount of 20% off registration prices for any active military personnel, vets, first responders, and licensed medical professionals including spouses and children.  They can email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com to request a discount code.  Upon providing proof of their  status (active military ID card, honorable discharge paper, police/firefighter ID, medical license/ID), they will be given a discount code to use.”

If you are participating in a Sunday event you will need to pick up your race packet (race bib, timing chip, and t-shirt) at the P&G Health & Fitness Expo. The Expo is a great place to get information on running or walking from national exhibitors, sponsors and vendors. Those participating in Saturday events can pick up their packet on Friday at the expo OR Saturday morning at the race site.

Yes, all participants receive a t-shirt. If you're picking up your shirt at the expo, please remember to pick it up in our premium shirt area before exiting. Registrations after 4/19 are considered “late registration”. Shirt sizes are not guaranteed and will need to be picked up at the shirt exchange area of the expo.

Participants may switch races.  Switches can be made by contacting registration@flyingpigmarathon.com for assistance.  You will be required to pay any applicable entry fee difference. The transfer and switch deadline is April 19, 2024 at 12pm EST.

Yes, the marathon is a certified course and a Boston qualifier when completed as a live event. You may not qualify for Boston by completing a virtual event.

Strollers are not permitted on the Sunday racecourses (full marathon, half marathon, and relay).

Strollers are allowed on our Saturday racecourses (10K, 5K, 26th Mile, PigAbilities, and Flying Fur), but we ask that you start towards the back.

There will be a shirt exchange at the Expo that will be stocked with limited quanitites of each size. The shirt exchange is first-come-first-serve.

Look for the Challenge Medal tent inside the post-race party. Volunteers will be able to point you in the right direction. Challenge medals are not in the finish line area.

Athletes interested in participating in the Para Athlete Division can sign up by registering at raceroster.com and select the "Para-athlete" in the division section. Questions? Email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com

Hand cycle athletes are invited to participate in the 2023 Toyota 10K. Athletes interested in participating in the Handy Cycle Division can sign up by registering at raceroster.com and select the "Hand Cycle" in the division section. Questions? Email registration@flyingpigmarathon.com

Yes. We hope this new initiative provides a means of participation for individuals whose impairment does not allow them to use a racing wheelchair or run with prostheses. If you are interested to register under the Handcycle division in the 10K, please send registration@flyingpigmarathon.com an email and review the eligibility requirements listed below:  

  • Handcycles must meet the general requirements for arm-powered handcycles as defined by the Union Cyclist International (UCI) rules and regulations.  

  • The handcycles must have two independent braking systems 

  • No handcycles with motors or pedals are permitted. No additional gear, crank, or chain powered cycling equipment may be used by athletes in the Flying Pig 10k including foot-powered recumbent bikes, tricycles, or bicycles. 

  • Handcycle participants are required to wear a helmet while on the course 

  • Handcycle participants are required to affix a safety flag to the back of their handcycle to increase their visibility on the course. 

  • Participant’s legs and feet must be supported and protected from the ground 

  • Handcycle participants must control their speed throughout the race to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Maintain a pace no faster than 12 mph. 

  • When passing another individual in a chair or handcycle, the passing athlete must ensure full clearance of the individual in their chair before cutting in front. 

  • Any participant using a handcycle must stay at least 25 meters behind the pacing vehicle at all times. 

  • Any participant using a handcycle should stay to the left when mixed with other ambulatory athletes and remain left at the finish line. 

  • Lead pacing vehicles, wheelchair racers and runners have the right-of-way at all times on the 10k course 

The 2024 Flying Fur will be a shorter 1-mile course to prioritize the health and well-being of our furry competitors.   


We’re sorry you can’t find the answer to your question in our archive. Please send your question to registration@flyingpigmarathon.com and we'll get back to you with an answer shortly.

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