“Pig Pen” Start Corrals

Corral assignments will be determined based on your expected finish time specified in your registration.  If registered before April 17, your assignment will be included on your bib. Please note: if you registered after April 17, you will need to visit the Corral Assignment booth at the P&G Health and Fitness Expo to receive your assignment. Corrals A-D will be located on Elm Street and E-I will be on Mehring Way. The color and letter scheme will be reflected in the corresponding signage indicating each Pig Pen’s entrance. Entrances will be accessed at the rear of each corral by using the sidewalks on either side of the street, which will only be open to participants. Pig Pen entrances will be monitored and correct placement will be enforced. Portable restrooms will be located in each corral near the back. Baggage buses and a large group of portable restrooms will be located on the Plaza level of Paul Brown Stadium. Please review the Start Line Map for the full setup. On race day, participants will not be able to move forward to another corral. However, they will be permitted to move backward if they feel that is a better option for them or would like to start with another participant. If a participant would like to move up a corral because they think their estimated finish time will be better, please visit the Pig Pen/Corral Assignment booth at the Expo during packet pick-up.  Late arriving participants will not be guaranteed placement of their correct Pig Pen.

CorralColorFull MarathonHalf Marathon
Pig Pen A Black 3:15 and faster 1:43 and faster
Pig Pen B Red 3:16 – 3:40 1:44 – 1:50
Pig Pen C Purple 3:41 – 3:59 1:51 – 1:59
Pig Pen D Orange 4:00 – 4:10 2:00 – 2:05
Pig Pen E Pink 4:11 – 4:40 2:06 – 2:20
Pig Pen F Green 4:41 – 5:00 2:21 – 2:30
Pig Pen G Brown 5:01 – 5:59 2:31 – 2:59
Pig Pen H Blue 6:00+ 3:00+